Travel instruction – from prague airport to pardubice

Dear students, here you can find complete information how to get from Prague Václav Havel Airport to Pardubice.

Very shortly:

  1. Bus line Airport Express from Prague Airport to Prague Main Train Station

  2. Train from Prague to Pardubice

  3. Trolleybus line 3, or 33 or bus line 10, 16, 17 or 23 or night service no. 98 from the train station to the main campus where your dormitory is located (bus stops Polabiny, Hradecká; Univerzita; Polabiny,hotel)

The ticket for the AE bus and the train can be purchased by train operator online. The ticket for the public transport in Pardubice can be bought from the ATM machine at the train station or by a driver.

A detailed description of all the above steps follows:

  1. FROM Prague Airport To Prague Main Train Station (Hlavní nádraží)

The flights outside and few low-cost flights inside Schengen area are operated from Terminal 1, the flights inside Schengen area are usually operated from Terminal 2, Terminal 3 is designed for private flights).

Bus lines

  • 119: Prague Airport – Nádraží Veleslavín (change to metro line A) – 15 min (public transport)

  • 910 (night line): Prague Airport – I. P. Pavlova (change to 905)

  • Airport express (AE): Prague Airport (terminal 1) – Hlavní Nádraží (Main Train Station) – 35 min (special line!!!)

All lines are described below.

The Terminál 1 and Terminál 2 bus stops are located exactly in front of terminals (picture below). They have also the digital table showing the times of upcoming buses (the departures of recommended line AE are marked with different color, orange one, because of special tariff terms and conditions). AE leaves just from the bust stop in front of the Terminal 1.


!!!! do not forget to validate your ticket When you first enter bus/metro!!!

Line 119

This line leaves in interval 3-20 minutes during all day but we recommend to go by this bus just from 4:00 to 5:30 am and from 21:00 to 23: 40. In other time is better to go by AE.

Here link to: bus schedule

By bus no. 119 go to Nádraží Veleslavín where you change to metro A (direction Depo Hostivař) and go to stop Náměstí Míru. At the stop of Náměstí Míru, move to opposite side of the same platform and take a metro A (direction Nemocnice Motol) to next stop Muzeum (a platform in Muzeum stop in direction Depo Hostivař is temporarily closed due to construction works until December 2017). At stop Muzeum change to metro C (direction Letňany) and leave at next stop Hlavní nádraží (Main Train Station).


Night Line 910 (23.50 - 3.58)

Leaves every 30 minutes.

At the airport take this bus in direction Na Beránku to stop I. P. Pavlova (previous bus stop is Štěpánská), a journey takes around 45 minutes. At I. P. Pavlova change into bus line 905 (in direction Sídliště Čimice) according to photo and then leave the bus at next stop Hlavní nádraží (Main Train Station).


Include buses, metro, trams but NOT include luggage exceeds 25 x 40 x 70 cm. Buying 90 minutes ticket is enough to get to Main train station (32 CZK / 1,19 €) and luggage ticket (16 CZK / 0,58 €). Also is possible to buy 24 hours ticket (110 CZK) but any way to Main Train Station is no longer than 90 minutes.

Where to buy: Public Transport counters in Arrival Halls of Terminals 1 & 2 (from 7 am to 10 pm), newspaper shops, automates placed at bus stops (only cash) and a bus driver (only cash).

Public transportation fares available here: /

More information about public transport in Prague here (English version has the wrong number for night bus (510), for sure it is 910!!):



The AE bus runs daily every 15 minutes (from September to October and in May), every 30 minutes (November – April) and every 10-30 minutes (June - August). The AE leaves just from the bus stop in front of the Terminal 1 !!!!

The first bus leaves from Terminal 1 at 5.30, last one at 19.00 and go to stop Hlavní nádraží (Main Train Station) which is the last stop. The route takes around 40 minutes. The bus stop Hlavní nádraží is located in front of the building of train station. You just enter the building, get downstairs (there are escalators on both sides). All information at the train station is also provided in English.

TICKETS (luggage free of charge)

  • Online – link: (From: Praha letiště/Airport (BUS), To: Praha hl.n.) – around 43 CZK and valid for any AE bus. Also it is possible to buy it together with train ticket to Pardubice, just put (From: Praha letiště/Airport (BUS), To: Pardubice hl.n.)

  • Bus driver (only cash) – 60 CZK per person



Other possibilities


More information here:

  1. From Prague Main train station to Pardubice

The name of the station in Pardubice is Pardubice - Hlavní nádraží (Pardubice hl.n.). The route from Prague is operated by several companies: České dráhy (ČD), Leo Express and RegioJet.

!!!Be careful what trains you take. Tickets purchased by one company cannot be used in trains provided by another company!!!

All the trains are shown on the digital information boards at the train station. Journey to Pardubice takes usually around 60 minutes or less according to the type of train and company. Trains schedules can be found on companies websites which links are below.

České dráhy

Train tickets by České dráhy (ČD) aren’t connected to certain train. They can be used in every train on the route during 24 hours of the day (except Pendolino (SC)). Reservations are compulsory only in trains IC 513 Opava and EC 243 Roháče (run only on Fridays). 1 seat reservation costs 35 CZK. Tickets can be purchased online: (From: Praha hl. n. To: Pardubice hl.n) or at Prague Main Train Station in ČD shop. The big advantage is a lot of connections in hour.

Price: around 140 CZK, Pendolino (SC) – around 180 CZK (in advance lower price) (Should speak English)


Train tickets by RegioJet are really popular among students and can be reserved through a friendlier reservation system than ČD tickets. However, they are connected to certain trains and usually with hour intervals. You can buy them online: or at Prague Main Train Station in RegioJet office (They speak English).

Price: 79 – 270 CZK according to the date, the hour and if online

Leo Express

Train tickets by Leo Express are connected to certain trains and usually with hour intervals. You can buy them online or at Prague Main Station in Leo Express office.

Price: 90 – 270 CZK according to date, hour and if online


  1. From Pardubice train station to the university dormitories

If you talk to your buddy firstly, he/she will pick you up at train station in Pardubice. In unlike situation, follow these instructions.

Dormitories are located in the main campus 2.5 km from the train station (30 minutes walking), GPS location of the dormitories reception is 50°2'56.080"N, 15°46'2.881"E. The address is University of Pardubice – Halls of dormitory, Studentská 201, Pardubice. By bus or trolleybus is around 10 minutes, by taxi 5 minutes depends on traffic.

Pardubice Public Urban Transport (MHD - shortcut in Czech)

Tickets for public transport can be bought from ATM machine (located next to right exit) with price of 16 CZK or by a driver 25 CZK. Also luggage exceeds 25 x 40 x 60 cm are charged 11 CZK ATM (Zavazadla) or by driver so don´t forget to buy this ticket. If you use the night service no. 98, the tickets are sold only by the bus driver and the price is 25 CZK. In case of changing buses (Is not necessary if you take right number), you have to buy new ticket.


The connection between train station and the main campus is provided by trolleybus lines 3, and 33 and bus lines 10, 16, 17 and 23. In the late evening by night line 98. The scheduled and stops of buses you can see on the board in front of train station building. The daily intervals are usually no longer than 10 minutes, in evenings 30 minutes (some exceptions).

Schedule of no. 98: 0:08, 1:30, 2:41, 3:28 and 4:07 am, target destination is Polabiny, Hradecká (5th stop, 13 minutes) and before stop you need to press button STOP to stop the bus at exact bus stop.

Each lines operate different bus stops around university. Numbers 3, 33, 17 stop Polabiny,Hradecká. Number 23 stop Polabiny,Hotel and numbers 10, 16 stop Univerzita. Previous stop for all of them is Stavařov, which is located closed to dormitories of blocks E and F. Stops location are shown below.


Vi3 TAXI: +420 778 158 158, 89 CZK to dormitories (Univerzitní koleje, recepce blok C)

Taxi GT: +420 777 456 456, 89 CZK to dormitories (Univerzitní koleje, recepce blok C)