Our trip leads you to the National Park of Bohemian Switzerland (České Švýcarsko). It is one of the most beautiful places in our country. It is a complex of sandstone rocks and well preserve nature.

This kind of trip is not for people who prefer bed to active life in pure nature. During this trip we will visit the famous symbol of National park, the largest rock gate in Europe called Pravčice gate (Pravčická brána), we will take a boat ride in the narrow rock gorges created by the river Kamenice (Edmund’s gorge), climb up to the Maria’s mountain view, pass by many other nice rock massives like Křídelní stěna, visit the ruin of Šaunštejn castle.

Prepare your best clothes for hiking/sport and your feet for long hike around 20 – 30 km. There will be some stops and space for lunch but don’t expect breaks every 100 m and Sunday walking at a snail's gallop. If you’re not afraid of Buddies as your leaders in the middle of wilderness or of this „long“ distance, don’t hesitate and let us know who is in! Don’t be lazy guys and let’s go explore new place.

The catch is that this kind of beauties doesn’t come to !you but you have to come there to!

28/05/2016 to 29/05/2016
Czech Republic
950 CZK
What's included: 
  • return train ticket
  • accommodation & breakfast in the pension in Jetřichovice
  • boat ride in Edmund's gorge
  • entrance fee to the viewing point by Pravčice gate (Pravčická brána)
  • bus tickets
Contact details: 
Trip responsible person: Veronika Plánková, e-mail: veronika.plankova@seznam.cz
  • Everyone is invited.