At the second weekend of May, ESN Pardubice organized one of the traditional trips for international students of the University of Pardubice – trip to Ostrava. The trip is generally aimed slightly alternatively in comparison with other trips. The goal is to get to know first of all the industrial history of the region where Ostrava is situated and also the specific character of Ostrava night.

The trip was traditionally organized by the train alternative train operator from Pardubice to Ostrava. Although due to lower participation than in previous years (only a specific number of seats were taken instead of reservation of whole car), students train journey enjoyed, admired not only the quality and range of board services, but also the beauties of the Czech countryside – whether a picturesque Orlice river,  Hana valley or views of the Jeseniky mountains. 

First visited highlight of the Ostrava city was the the museum in Lower Vitkovice (orig. Dolni oblast Vitkovic), where participants met with friendly and very well English speaking staff, which acquainted international students with the history not only of the entire industrial complex in the area of ​​Vitkovice, but also in brief the history of the entire Ostrava region, which is Vitkovice inextricably linked. Our foreign guests were guided through the whole area, many of them heard for the first time about how to actually prepare iron and steel, while the interpretation was properly tied with demonstrations of technologies and buildings in the area, and subsequently had the opportunity to acquaint themselves thoroughly with blast furnace and processes associated with the production of iron. Moreover, international students climbed up to the top Bolt tower and saw the view of the entire region, where combination of density of factory complexes and green areas was surprising to see. Thanks to the wonderful weather participants saw the whole ridge of Beskydy mountains. After the visit of the Lower Vítkovice area participants moved to the center of the city.

Trippers from Pardubice met with students from the ESN VSB – TU Ostrava section (ESN section at the Technical University of Ostrava, orig. Vysoka Skola Banska) in the city center. ESN VSB – TU Ostrava for our foreign guests help prepare the late afternoon and evening programs. Students played a minor war game in search of selected sites and information about them. The winners, who found the fastest Milos Sykora bridge, then were awarded even a small reward. The contest was followed by dinner and socio-cultural program on Stodolní Street, which is another symbol of Ostrava. Early Sunday, first morning train took tired students back to Pardubice.

All foreign students who this time were from Finland, Slovenia and Lithuania, were very satisfied with the trip. Finally, ESN Pardubice thanks for the organizing leisure time program for Pardubice's students to ESN VSB – TU Ostrava.

07/05/2016 to 08/05/2016
Czech Republic
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Trip responsible person: Tomáš Kracík, e-mail: