On the first weekend in April, Meet Your Colleagues Meeting SocialErasmus & ExchangeAbility (MYCM SE & EA) was held in Pardubice. The event was attended by the national coordinators of both projects and organizers from ESN Pardubice section, together 28 participants.
Friday's program began with shared dinner, continued in the form of teambuilding games and ended up in the student club Áčko.

On Saturday, the participants learned the details of SocialErasmus and ExchangeAbility projects and the differences between them. In the afternoon, a workshop entitled "Plan your dream event with Zaplo," was held. The workshop lead by Event Manager of ESN CZ Martin Zapletal alias Zaplo started with theoretical presentations followed by practical part of the plan and then each group presented its outputs. Organizers prepared a special program for participants in the evening – a nighttime city tour with tasks.

Sunday began with workshops Go Social ESAA and about planning events for SocialErasmus Week and ExchangeAbility Day. Attention was also focused on photoshop skills. Since the meeting attended by two foreign guests, Milton Goncalves Lima (Portugal) and Dimitris Skafidas (Greece), the whole meeting was lead in English. During Sunday afternoon, guests presented the projects from their countries. After the presentations, the MYCM SE & EA was officialy closed, followed by handover gifts and departure back home.

01/04/2016 - 17:00 to 03/04/2016 - 12:00
Czech Republic