Paintball is an adrenalin sport that you must play for the whole day! In order to encourage this award,​ ESN Pardubice organized for foreign students paintball trip, this time to nearby Předměřice nad Labem. Moreover, paintball was firstly in history of organizing such an event accompanied by other outdoor activities as archery or fencing on a log. Thanks to almost summer weather, our foreign students enjoyed a pleasant day full of fun and games.


The paintball is traditionally one of the most successful events organized for foreign students. This semester ESN Pardubice chose half of May, when all participants waiting for favorable weather for outdoor activities. While some students are experienced paintbal players, others played paintball for the first time and so all students enjoyed atmosphere of expectation and curiosity. 

After briefing the participants took paintball equipment (clothing, masks, weapons and ammunition), formed several teams and competed always two teams against each other until one of the teams did not exclude the other. During the day slightly changed variant of the game was played, for example, Capture the Flag (who first capture the flag from the centre of the pitch and brought it without intervention to the home camp). A tournaments in archery and fencing on a log was held for those interested. After an agreement with the organizers, also refreshments for all participants were ensured. 

Especially selected other outdoor activities contributed on higher attractiveness of the trip. Thus the trip carried out other memories to international students.

Czech Republic