The trip was held on Saturday, 23rd of April, and led Erasmus students to one of the most interesting Czech cities involved in UNESCO list – Kutná Hora. In the morning, participants visited monuments of Sedlec, a part of the city. Then all moved to the city centre, where were guided by ESNers through the city passing some of the most interesting monuments.Finally, they visited St. Barbara's Church and the Czech museum of Silver.

During visit of Sedlec, students saw factory of Philip Morris, Inc. company – the largest producer of cigarettes in the country. In Sedlec, we first went to buy the tickets in the local information center, then the expedition moved to the first destination of the trip – the Cathedral of the Assumption of Our Lady and St. John the Baptist. In addition to the standard tour of the first and second floors of the cathedral accessible via a spiral staircase architected by Jan Blazej Santini, participants had the opportunity to see also the animated short film about the history of the part of the city Sedlec, Kutna Hora development as a whole, the importance of silver mining, etc. The oldest surviving Czech monstrance, which also ranks among the ten oldest in Europe,  was alsoavailable to tthe Erasmus students to see. After the cathedral visit, we moved to neighboring Tobacco Museum, which traces the history of tobacco products in the Czech Republic since 1900. The visitors could see also various tools for tobacco processing, cigarette manufacturing or use. In the museum you can also read and watch films about the process of growing and processing tobacco. The last stop is in Sedlec was the visit of famous Ossuary. Unfortunately, one of the main attractions – the bony chandelier)corona, was at the time in the process of repairing / restaurant, and was therefore not available to visitors.

After the lunch break in the city center, we all met in front of the Italian Court, where the afternoon City tour began. First, we were on the terrace overlooking the Jesuit College and St. Barbara's Church and took some group photos, then we visited the courtyard of the Italian court. Foreign students were told about the history of the Court, the origin of his name and also was presented the first Czechoslovak president, Tomas Garrigue Masaryk statue is situated just in front of the Italian Court. City tour continued around the repaired St. James Church to the Plague Column, then the Stone Fountain, around one of the sites of the Czech Museum of Silver we arrived at the Jesuit College. After "half-bridge" on Barborská street expedition arrived at the St. Barbara's Church. There happened again a few individual or group photo session, followed by the church's visit. At every point of the City tour, a brief pause for a photo shoot during which students were informed by one / two sentences about history or significance of monuments were performed. After visiting St. Barbara's Church, we were slowly moved to Hradek, the main point of the Czech Museum of Silver. There, all participants waited probably the most exciting stretch of the trip – Circuit II: Journey of Silver, which included a showing of the work of miners, mining specifics, examples of mining tools and especially exploring the medieval mine "Osel."

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