On Thursday 21st of April, ESN Pardubice organized for Erasmus+ and local students Dinner in the Dark. The event was held on behalf of "ExchangeAbility Day." It happenned the second time in history when members of ESN Pardubice (or its predecessor) and international students put themselves in the situation of visually impaired citizens.

Dinner in the Dark took place in menza (school restaurant), 15 inetrnational and 7 local participanted. The event was prepared and lead by 6 organizers from ESN Pardubice. Participants were clearly excited to try something you had previously untested – to eat dinner with covered eyes. Although the event was fun for both international and local students, both groups of students had an understanding with the hardships of the visually handicappedimpaired. Students also appreciated their ability to function in life using other senses.

21/04/2016 - 19:30
Czech Republic