Do you like the river Labe, did you enjoy some barbecue in the parks around, have you tried the cycling and inline-skating route around it? Maybe you have only made some nice hiking to the Kunětická mountain following the river… No matter how you got there, you have definitely asked yourself how this countryside looks out of the river. This is the possibility to get the best answer. You can see the whole scenery of that shire.

Come to enjoy 3 hours of relaxing time on the boat in the awaking spring. The boat restaurant is naturally opened for you (draught beer Staropramen 11° is of course available). The boat named ‘Arnošt z Pardubic’ is 27.2 m long, 5.19 m wide and the sink reaches 0.9 m. The capacity reaches 75 persons .with these parametres, so don’t miss your chance to be in.


  • 16:50 Meeting by the boat
  • 17:00 Sailing starts
  • 20:00 Sailing finishes

More info abou the boat and sailings you can find on following link (only in Czech):


Czech Republic
50 CZK
Contact details: 
Trip responsible person: Lukáš Nosek, e-mail:
  • Everyone is invited.