Dormitories of the University of Pardubice consists of 8 buildings, 6 of them are within the main University campus. All the buildings offers TV rooms, elevators, bunch of stairs etc. ;) However there are huge differences between the blocks like type of accommodation, social equipment, internet connection etc. so check information about particular building properly.

Blocks A, B and C have the same reception. They are connected together with one main hall. Block D is intended for the first year students. Almost surely you are not going to be accommodated in this one.

Common for the blocks E and F is they are skyscraper type. They are not located on Studentská street (but near) as the blocks A - D. Every building is independent itself, but they have one common reception located in the block F.

Block Z is located close to the Faculty of Health Studies, which is on the other side of Pardubice (Průmyslová street) than main University campus is. Building is common for university and high school students. University rented just few floors for students of the Faculty of Health Studies. It is also WITHOUT internet connection. This hall of residence is intended for Erasmus students of this faculty only!